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Need a Portland dentist for your wisdom teeth?

Cosmetic Dentist Portland

Dr. Fred Thompson’s Portland office specializes in removing wisdom teeth – without all the worry and pain you may be dreading. In fact, many of our Portland office patients report that the entire process of having their wisdom teeth removed was painless.

If you come see us before your wisdom teeth need to be removed, Dr. Thompson can monitor their growth, and determine the perfect time to remove them. Regular dental visits and good dental hygiene help to make removing your wisdom teeth a trouble-free experience.

Not all of our Portland wisdom teeth patients ever even need them removed. While most people get four wisdom teeth, that is not always the case – some only grow 1-3 of these “third row” molars. Whether you need your wisdom teeth removed depends in part on whether your jaw has sufficient room for these extra teeth. If your jaw is too small to accommodate wisdom teeth without producing crowding among your other teeth, you will probably need them removed.

Another reason some of our Portland office patients have their wisdom teeth removed is because they can get impacted and cause other problems. They can also grow in crooked, affecting the surrounding teeth. Wisdom teeth that grow in crooked are also more likely to get cavities because food gets trapped between the wisdom teeth, or under their gums. Wisdom teeth can be very hard to floss around because they are so far back in the mouth.

Cosmetic Dentist PortlandVisit Dr. Thompson’s Portland office for a comprehensive evaluation of your wisdom teeth, and a customized plan for their removal if necessary. In general, wisdom teeth are removed in the mid- to late-teen years. There are possible complications, such as dry socket or infection that must be monitored – but our office will help you watch for any signs of trouble and make your wisdom teeth extraction experience as pleasant and pain-free as possible.

Whether to have your wisdom teeth extracted is a significant decision, and one that is often easy to make. If the wisdom teeth have grown in crooked, are impacted, are crowding your other teeth, or have already begun to show signs of decay, it’s time to come into Dr. Thompson’s Portland dentist office for a consultation. We’ll help you make this important decision, take excellent care of you throughout the procedure, and do all we can to speed your recovery.

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