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Portland patients cure for a toothache

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There’s nothing quite like a toothache - the throbbing, the aching, the swelling – it’s enough to make anyone want to cry. And when you wake up with a toothache, you’ve got one thing on your mind – relief. That’s why you’ll want to keep Dr. Fred Thompson’s number close at hand.

Dr. Fred Thompson is the dentist to call when you have a toothache in Portland.

Toothaches can happen to anyone – anytime. It doesn’t matter whether you’ve seen a dentist every six months like clockwork, or you’ve stayed away for a decade. You may have some decay, an issue with your gums, or a problem with past dental work. Any one of these can bring on a toothache that makes your whole head hurt. You want toothache relief, fast – so you can go on with your life.

The relief begins as soon as you come to our office. We’ll find out what’s causing your toothache, and discuss with you the best plan for fixing it. Whether you need a cavity filled, or even a root canal, we’re here to offer dental care so gentle, so convenient and easy, that it’s no wonder Dr. Thompson has some of the happiest patients in Portland. They know they’ll have a pleasant experience every time they come through the door, because they’re in such good hands.

No need to search all of Portland for toothache relief – Dr. Fred Thompson is here to help.

Even if you’ve always been afraid to go to the dentist – and it’s a very common fear – you can rest easy knowing we’ll take really good care of you. We offer sedation dentistry, which makes taking care of whatever is causing your toothache easy and virtually pain-free. We see it all the time: patients come in with toothache they’ve been suffering with for days or even weeks, all because they were afraid to go to the dentist. Once they see for themselves how gentle and effective Dr. Thompson is, they lose that fear and start to enjoy the best dental health they’ve ever had.

There’s a reason Dr. Thompson’s patients are so glad to see him when they have a toothache in Portland. With a reputation like his – based on his extensive training in sedation dentistry, cosmetic dentistry, and dental implants – they know they’ll get the best care anywhere.

So, come into Dr. Thompson’s office in Portland and kiss that toothache goodbye!

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