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Of all the technologies and treatments available to the public for teeth whitening, my favorite by far is the in-office treatment called Zoom. The Zoom teeth whitening treatment is a two hour in-office treatment that accomplishes two weeks worth of whitening in a single visit.

It is comprised of the most highly concentrated whitening gel on the market and the special Zoom teeth whitening light. Treatment involves three successive twenty minute applications of the bleaching gel that are each accelerated by a concurrent twenty minute exposure to the special light of the zoom lamp. The color and temperature of the lamp combine to provide energy to the gel to further enhance its performance. After each application is complete, the exposed gel is removed and a fresh application is placed.

Cosmetic Dentist PortlandBeyond the speed with which the Zoom tooth whitening system achieves its results, another major advantage of the system is how it tends to reduce the tooth sensitivity that many patients experience with so many other whitening treatments. The reason for this is that the teeth become significantly less dehydrated with the accelerated treatment than they do with longer duration treatments.

While some dehydration is inevitable, by minimizing the dehydrating effect, post whitening sensitivity with the amazing Zoom treatment is nearly eliminated all together. To learn more about Zoom teeth whitening you can click here to visit the Zoom website, or to learn more about teeth whitening in general, click here to visit the TEETH WHITENING section of this site.

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