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Porcelain Crowns

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Anybody who has ever had a traditional style crown (or cap) placed on one of their teeth knows how it never quite seems to look like a real tooth. The reason for this is quite simple: the old style crows all have a layer of metal under the porcelain that makes the tooth look about as realistic as a refrigerator door. Even worse than a traditional metal based crown on a back tooth, is the metal based crown on a front tooth with the unmistakable grey line around the gums. With new advanced porcelain crowns and veneers, we can eliminate the offending metal layer all together. By eliminating the metal, we can now create an illusion of realism that is so true to life that it can be impossible to tell the difference between a crown and a natural tooth all together.

Cosmetic Dentist PortlandWhen a tooth initially begins to decay for the first time, a simple filling is usually all that is required to solve the problem. However, there are times when the damage to the tooth is too great for the tooth to support a filling. In these cases, the traditional approach is to grind down the entire tooth and place a crown, or a cap, over the entire tooth. For years this has been the standard of care in dentistry. The down side to this traditional approach is the need to grind down so much healthy tooth structure to repair what may be only a single compromised corner of a tooth.

The new way that I address broken or compromised teeth is to spare all of the healthy intact tooth structure and limit my treatment to replacing only the parts of the tooth that are compromised. Without extensive experience working with the adhesives and cements, it can be very frustrating for a general dentist to secure the porcelain crown or onlay to the tooth in a way that is durable, functional, and sustainable. Advanced cosmetic dental procedures clearly allow us to treat you more conservatively and preserve more of your own natural tooth.

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