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The Dentist Portland Patients Love

Cosmetic Dentist Portland Dr. Fred Thompson is the cosmetic dentist Portland residents turn to first for gentle dental care.

Going to the dentist is probably not on the top of your list of favorite activities, but having healthy teeth should be – and regular visits to the dentist make that possible. There are several wonderful Portland dentists, committed to helping you keep your teeth healthy and beautiful.

Finding a dentist in Portland isn’t something you want to do by trial and error. It’s not like finding a good pizza place, or searching for the best cup of coffee! With that kind of search, you don’t have so much at stake. But when you’re looking for a dentist in Portland, you want to make the best choice the first time around.

The Dentist Portland Patients Recommend

The best way to find a dentist in Portland and the surrounding area is to ask around – check with your friends, neighbors, and co-workers. Chances are, they’ll recommend Dr. Fred Thompson. His reputation as a gentle and accomplished cosmetic dentist in Portland has turned even the most reluctant, dental-phobic patients into fans, ready to flash their healthy, new smiles.

Dr. Thompson’s state-of-the-art Portland dentist office will immediately put you at ease. You’ll find the staff friendly and helpful, and completely dedicated to making your experience is pleasant and pain-free.

The Dentist Portland Patients Trust

If you live in or around Portland, Dental appointments are quick and easy with Dr. Thompson. We know your schedule is busy, and it’s easy to forget all about taking care of your teeth. We will work with you to make sure your dental care is convenient and thorough.

Even if you have gotten out of the routine of going to the dentist, Portland residents can start fresh with Dr. Thompson, knowing they’ll feel so much better just by coming in for regular cleanings.

If you’ve been suffering from tooth or gum pain, now is the time to come see Dr. Thompson. The pain won’t go away on its own – you need skilled and tender care to get back into optimal dental health. You’ll be so glad you took care of yourself by taking care of your teeth.

There are thousands of reasons Dr. Thompson is the dentist Portland patients are smiling about – book your free consultation today, and see for yourself what a difference Dr. Thompson can make in your life.

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